Unreal Engine Sci-Fi Modular Environment

Unreal Engine Sci-Fi Modular Environment

his is my first project using UE4 and I haven't used UDK either. I'm a 3d artist looking to get into environment art so at the moment I'm focusing on the visuals and learning everything as I go. So far I have to say I'm blown away by what can be produced in UE4.

Technical Info
3 mask textures (generic mask, floor mask, world space dirt and drip mask)
3 normal maps (generic bump, scratches, floor bump)
3 vertex paint channels (cavity rust, edge scratches, AO dirt)

Understand the modular environment modeling workflow.
Start to learn UE4.
Find a flexible tile-able texture workflow.
Create a flexible shader.
Create a flexible hard surface texture set.

For now my plan is to look into adding FPS controls and recording a walk through to show what I have in motion.
Next will be to add some functional details like pressure gauges and control panels.
Learn about decals to produce more variation.
Once I'm happy with the corridor modular kit I'll move onto some kits to create connecting computer rooms, larger engine areas and a bridge.

Any and all feedback is welcome.