Urban Environment (Tile-able Texture and PBR Conversion Study)

This project or originally started as a 20hr art test but I enjoyed the process so much I decided to complete the project. The project was poly modeled and UV mapped with the goal of using tile-able or reusable textures everywhere. All of the textures are created from diffuse maps found in old texture libraries or from online image banks, except for the grass which was sourced from gametextures.com and the corner stone material which was created from scratch. I choose to focus on converting diffuse maps into pbr texture sets in order to strengthen my understanding of pbr rendering and to create a workflow for creating pbr texture sets from photo based diffuse textures. I also used the SpeedTree demo broad leaf to create visual interest through the use of shadows.

Marvin washington 5 8 15a
Marvin washington 5 8 15b
Marvin washington 5 8 15c
Marvin washington 5 8 15d